Cooking as an Act of Self-care and Prayer

Bruce Reyes-Chow
3 min readNov 23, 2022

With the pains of the world seemingly coming nonstop, this morning I found myself caught off guard by the Spirit’s movement while doing what I do so often, cooking for my family.

This week are spending Thanksgiving in the Yucca Valley with a small section of the family, so as has happened many times over the years, this morning, I was up before anyone else, prepping, chopping, frying, whisking, and creating a counter of love to greet folks as they emerged from their night’s rest.

I feel obligated to feed the loves of my life, but cooking is also a selfish endeavor, but like many others, I also experience prepping, cooking, and serving as an act of holy self-care. There is something grounding and meditative for me as I enter the kitchen, the silence of the space, the morning chill of the floor, and the anticipation of what is to come.

It begins with gathering ingredients thought of beforehand or found by happenstance, which provide the colors and flavors that create a palette of organized chaos. As I sharpen my blades and get organized, I think through the timing of the moments to come, timing that is mine and mine alone to control.

My mind, “Bacon first so the fat can be used for the potatoes and eggs, but make sure the potatoes were cooked the night before, sliced, and ready to greet the crackling of sauteed onions and garlic.” Then the games begin. There is a bit of chaos as the eggs, bacon, potatoes, and coffee vie for my attention. Pay attention to one too long, and havoc will reign down upon my soul in the form of the smell of burning bacon or dried-out scrambled eggs :-)

Thank God I didn’t add pancakes to the menu.

The plating is my prayer of gratitude and offering. I used to plate in order to impress others, but I have come to realize how satisfying it is to look at food well-presented. Sure, the camera usually eats first, but I genuinely enjoy the visual aspects of the experience.

It brings my eyes joy and my soul satisfaction.

And while I do love the clamor of the family meal, this morning, it was just me, my coffee, my plate, blue skies, and the expanse of the desert.

And all God’s people say AMEN.



Bruce Reyes-Chow

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